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Setting Your Day up For Success

We all want to be successful, and I think we even intend to be successful on most days. But, with life being so fast-paced and busy it can sometimes be difficult to live each day to our own high standards that we set for ourselves. With summer days getting shorter and the school year routines and schedules quickly approaching I thought I would share some of my tips on how to set your day up for success, beyond just the good intentions.

There are some basic steps you can take to help make sure that you make the most of your days and have the feeling of accomplishment and success when you lay your head down on your pillow at night. I'm not sharing anything radical or huge but rather simple things that are easy to implement into your life. The key is being consistent. Consistency is what leads to success. Try one of two of these tips and then once you are comfortable and in a routine with those, maybe think about adding on some more. One you start putting these tips into practice and seeing the results of  consistently taking some time to set your day up right, trust me, you will not want to go back to your old ways.

1. HEALTHY SCHEDULES. One of my most favorite saying is failing to plan is planning to fail. Not because I like to talk about failure, but rather it reminds me how important planning truly is. Awake the day instead of it awaking you. That means wake up ahead of the game, get that heads start on your day by knowing what your schedule for the day will be. 📷 That means don't wake up and take half your day to figure out what you have to do that day. But rather, it might mean planning your day the night before or having a set time to plan your day, first thing in the morning. Either way, I recommend writing it down or scheduling it in your online calendar. There is something about the actual "act" of scheduling that makes it more of a reality. It will give you an idea of all that you want and need to accomplish so that you can manage your time wisely. Also, having it set on your online calendar will keep you reminded through out the day of what you should be doing.

tip: This includes planning your meals in advance, preparing a lunch, scheduling in your workout time and even planning family (aka technology disconnect times) as well. The more you plan, the more you accomplish.

2. MORNING RITUALS. Successful people have a plan, a routine, a schedule that they follow every day to help them have a productive morning to kick start their day! A morning ritual doesn't have to be complicated, it can be very simple. But, having a morning ritual helps awaken to a fresh start.


tip: Ideas of morning rituals:

> Take a moment to be thankful for a new day

> Brush Teeth + Wash Face

> Make Bed (a neat, orderly bed = a neat, orderly mind)

> Eat + Drink

> Listen or read something inspirational/motivational

> Have a few minutes of quiet time

> Be creative, express yourself. (write, journal)

> Exercise, move your body, stretch

3. SET REALISTIC (and actionable) GOALS. When you set your daily goals, know what you need to do in order to do to get them accomplished and make sure your goals are SMART. Make sure your goals contain the SMART elements below of being specific measurable, action oriented, relevant and time bound. So, rather than saying I want to lose weight, say I want to lose 1 pound this week by eating a salad each day and walking for 30 minutes each evening after dinner. - see the difference?

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Action-Oriented

R – Relevant

T – Time-bound


4. PRIORITIZE. One of the keys to setting realistic goals is to knowing what are your top 3 most important goals that you need to accomplish each day. We all long to do lists that can't possibly be accomplished in one day. Prioritize the top THREE things that you would like to accomplish each day. Do those things first and then you can tackle the rest of the list while still feeling accomplished!!

And as always, don't forget to get a good nights sleep and eat a healthy breakfast - two important things to set yourself up for a day of success! Hop into the Facebook Group Busy and Healthy Moms for more daily tips, healthy recipes and do-able suggestions to lead a healthy lifestyle as a busy mom!!



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