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My Favorite Snacks for Travel

Now that it's officially summer and many people have plans to travel, I thought I’d share some snacks that we like to take with us when we're on-the-go. Even if we're not officially "traveling" we tend to spend a lot of time outdoors and on the go in the summer, which means taking a few minutes to prepare and take some healthy snacks along with us. There are so many great options out there that don't require a lot of preparing and can always be kept on hand even for those last minute outings. 📷


I have been so impressed lately with the variety of healthy snacking options at the airport. I remember when the only snacks you could buy were chips or a pack of licorice and traveling was an excuse to "fall off the band wagon" because that's all that was available. Then of course those bad habits creep back in making it that much harder to get back on track. You can still enjoy traveling and vacation with some super healthy and delicious options.

No more excuses! Now you can find everything from fresh cut fruit, all kinds of salads and so many healthy bars and snacks, that are kosher too!! These healthy quinoa chips looked good and sure beat a bag of potato chips! This is also true for road trips. Many gas stations now have food marts that offer a variety of healthy selections. So if you find yourself in a bind or running low on what you had packed there is always options around to make smart choices.

Obviously if you are traveling by car it is best to plan ahead. If you are too busy (haha and I know you are) to get into making your own snacks, take a few minutes to stop by the store and grab a few snacks/food for the trip. Check out my list below for some ideas. I've probably visited every Trader Joe's in every city that we've visited. I love that all the stores are so similar that you instantly feel at home. So, even if you didn't have the chance to pack ahead of time - you can always find your local Trader Joes and stock up.

Aside from individual packaged snack bags, some companies are going an extra step and packaging dip with it like hummus or guacamole. YUM! I like to grab small sun butter packets, to go with apples or some rice cakes. Some of my other favorite snacks for travel are string cheese, hard boiled eggs ( you can even buy pre-boiled eggs at most gas stations) plain yogurt, granola bars, dried (hello Trader Joes no sugar added dried mango!) or fresh fruit, and even an avocado or two. I also always pack small bags of popcorn because it is healthier, you can eat a lot and not pack on those calories and never fails!

Regardless of what you decide to pack for your trip remember to grab some napkins, to-go forks/knives, and a few bags for trash. This will make life a whole lot easier and make clean up a breeze at the end of the trip :)

Enjoy my handy dandy travel suggested snack list below: :)

I waited SO patiently (ok maybe I wasn't so patient...) for these to become kosher certified. The ingredients are basic and minimal. And they are yummmmmy and pretty filling. You can get them online or at Trader Joes or Whole Foods. Keep in mind these aren't a low fat/low calorie snack (even though they are super healthy) so "budget" your daily calories accordingly. I say keep one of these in your purse at all times, you know, just in case.

Figgy pops are great! The first time I had them was on my trip to Hawaii. Our first stop was at the local Costco and when I read that all the ingredients were organic and super simple, I couldn't resist. They are the perfect sweet treat and a great afternoon "pick me up".


Keep in mind that Kind Bars are a couple calories and definitely a treat; not your "healthiest, most filling snack" BUT it does beat eating a custard doughnut or funnel cake. These are great to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling tooo guilty!

These don't need to be refrigerated until you open them. Pop a few of these and a bag of mini peppers in your handbag and you've got a perfect snack to keep you full and satisfied, even if your place is delayed. Add some Mary's Gone Crackers and you almost have a full meal. ;)

I found these at the airport while traveling to California! They sure beat fried potato chips and the smoky bbq was perfect!

Manzilla Olives, Rice Bites, Mini Nut Pouches and Popcorn bags from Trader Joe's make the list as well!!


And just in case you do end up falling off the band wagon - we're being realistic here, life does happen - check out my 3 simple tips to quickly get back on track here.

What are your favorite snacks to bring on the road? What tips do you have to stay healthy during your travels? Head over to the Busy and Healthy Moms FB page and share your ideas with us!

To your health,



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