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Mexican(ish) Vegan Protein Bowl

Growing up I only ate two kinds of beans. Chickpeas and beans in a three bean salad that my grandmother’s friend would make whenever she came to visit. I think I was born eating chickpeas. For as far back as I can remember I have loooved chickpeas. I guess it explains my love and obsession for chummus. I guess it’s a good thing because my kids love chickpeas as well. I’m convinced it’s because I ate so many chickpeas when I was pregnant with them that they were born with that taste in their mouth. But, that was it for my relationship with beans. Chickpeas and three bean salad. That's it.

Until.... I was on another one of my “crazy diets” *sigh* and found a recipe for black bean brownies that I just *had* to make. Thing is, they weren’t that bad. I was inspired to try adding more beans into my repertoire of recipes. Beans are a great source of plant based protein. A cup of black beans has 39 grams of protein while a 3 ounce piece of chicken has 23 grams of protein.

Protein is an important part of your diet because it provides energy. Protein-based foods provide the body with fuel to repair and build tissues. Protein takes longer than carbohydrates to break down in the body, providing a longer-lasting energy source. If you are feeling tired or lethargic, very often it is because you aren’t eating enough protein.

Plant-based proteins are a great energy booster, especially for that mid afternoon slump. I made this Mexican Vegan Protein Bowl the other day and it was the perfect combo of tasty flavors, filling, healthy deliciousness that didn’t leave me with that heavy feeling I sometimes get after eating animal protein. The best part was that it was so easy to literally throw together in less than 5 minutes, using all basic staples that I had on hand.

Try it next time you need a quick and satisfying meal. It would be great for dinner as well!


¾ cup cooked quinoa (I used leftovers that I had in the fridge that were already seasoned)

¼ cup black beans (you can use cooked beans or canned beans. I actually used canned cuban spiced beans from Trader Joes.

¼ cup diced peppers

¼ avocado, sliced

1 cube chiptole flavored tofu, sliced (I used the one from Trader Joe's) 

2 heaping Tablespoons of salsa

Layer all the ingredients in a bowl and enjoy! :) 

to your health,


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