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Dulche De Leche... need I write more?!

Ohhh, dulche de leche, how I dream of you. My love for you started way back when with a gift card that I got for our wedding to William Sonoma. I walked around the store eyeing pots, pans and aprons, trying to determine which would help me best cook the most delicious dinners as a new wife. But, as soon as I spotted jars of dulche de leche on the shelf I got totally distracted. After buying half a dozen jars, I knew it was meant to be. You and Me. Of course you did not disappoint and for years I kept coming back for more.

But… then William Sonoma stopped carrying you. Just like that. No advance warnings or notice at all. And I missed you dearly. So, I tried to make my own, somewhat healthier, version using coconut cream. Coconut cream is full of healthy fats and a great vegan option instead of the traditional dulche de leche which is made from condensed milk. I knew I could do it but for months I didn’t have any luck. Week after week I attempted different techniques only to throw away can after can of coconut cream.

Until one day, just in time for Shavuot, I saw a lonesome can of condensed coconut milk on the bottom shelf at Whole Foods. A light bulb went off and I knew this would be it. I sped home. Quickly poured the contents of the can into a mason jar. Sealed the lid tight. Placed it inside of my Instant Pot filled with water and set the timer to 60 minutes. And then to wait.

That was one of the longest hours of waiting. But it worked. Perfect dulche de leche. In the past week I’ve made this 5 times and it works perfectly every time. The simplest most decadent dulche de leche. Mmmm, mmmm. Go get some condensed coconut milk, stat. 

It's amazing drizzled on avocado mint chocolate chip ice cream, dipped in apples, over crepes and even just straight from a spoon. (shhhhh! Don’t let my kids know that I do that when they're not looking... ;) )

So, finally, here is the recipe.


1 can condensed coconut milk


  1. Place contents of can into a mason jar, sealed tightly.

  2. Place into an Instant Pot filled with water (half way)

  3. Set timer to 60 minutes.

  4. Let cool and enjoy. Store sealed tightly at room temperature.

to your health, xxx

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