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The Everything Salad Dressing

Have you ever eaten salad for a week straight and wondered why you didn’t lose any weight?! I’ve been there too! Trust me… there were times where all I ate were salads in the hopes of losing weight and boy would I be disappointed when the scale didn’t move! Everything changed once I learned the steps of creating a healthy salad.

Salad seems to be the holy grail for diets and weight loss but I want you to realize that not all salads are created equal. Between heavy dressings, lots of toppings and fatty meats or cheese you can easily eat over 1,000 calories and 50+ grams of fat in one sitting without even realizing it! Salads really are great for dieting and weight loss when created properly!

So, I’m saving you having to make the same mistake I did. Learn to lose that weight while eating delicious and filling salads. Based on all my experience and my knowledge, I have created some tips to help you create a healthy, delicious and satisfying salad.

  1. Start off with a solid base that is nutrient dense but not high in calories or fat. Think dark leafy greens.

  2. Add in healthy grains such as quinoa or farrow for fiber.

  3. Then add your lean protein. That’s what makes your salad a meal and will give you the nutrition that you need to feel satisfied and energized. When it comes to lean protein think of chicken breast, fish such as salmon or tuna, eggs or beans.

  4. Top with healthy fats. Healthy fats are avocados, seeds and nuts (without added oils, salt and/or sugar) and coconut oil.

The key to being able to eat healthy salads throughout the week is making a healthy salad dressing in the beginning of the week and then using it throughout the week, by preparing different vegetables that you have on hand.

This simple salad dressing is my go-to salad dressing base. I love adding a tablespoon of tahini or honey to change up the flavor.


½ cup Avocado Oil

Juice from 1 Lemon Juice (¼ cup)

Juice from 1 Lime Juice (⅛ cup)

2 cloves Garlic

Salt to taste (⅛  tspn)

Pepper to taste (⅛ tspn)

Pour into a mason jar and shake well. It can last up to a week in the fridge.

Check out this video for 4 different salad recipes that I used this same dressing on throughout the week. mmmm mmmm good! 

to your health, xxx

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