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Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Mousse

You know how sometimes you find something by accident and then you can’t remember how you lived without it?! That’s how it is with snickerdoodles in our house. We used to be a chocolate chip cookie kind of family until we fell in love with snickerdoodles. When my twins were about 2 years old, one of them was always congested. I kept on taking him to the doctor but there was nothing that they really could do for it.

I was worried (typical Jewish mom here) because I thought it was starting to affect his hearing which, I thought, was the reason why he wasn’t talking so much. Of course, looking back, I was just a ridiculously paranoid mother. I guess having twins does that to you (I'll take any excuse I can get... ) because you always have someone the exact same age to compare to. His brother was talking up a storm. While I could hardly understand what he was saying. Almost two years later, we’ve come to realize it didn’t have much to do with his speech, which is perfectly fine, but rather it had more to do with his personality. He is just a more reserved, quieter kid. But, next to his brother, who doesn’t stop talking and often talks for him, it had me (unnecessarily) worried.  

Anyways, back to my point… I thought taking him off gluten might help with his congestion, which it actually did. That’s when we were introduced to these snickerdoodle treats since they are gluten free. And, instantly the whole family fell in love. There is something about the sweet cinnamon flavor and smell that is so comforting and delicious. Cinnamon is a great way to give your body that sweet taste and flavor without any extra calories.

So, when it came time to creating a lighter cheesecake mousse, cinnamon was the obvious choice to add a delicious flavor without adding extra calories or fat. Garnished with a snickerdoodle on top it is the perfect light and refreshing way to finish off your Shavuot meal. Enjoy… guilt free!


Serves 6


2 plain greek yogurts

2 tspn vanilla

1 tspn cinnamon

1 tspn lemon juice  

2 tspn honey or maple syrup

3 snickerdoodle cookies (we love the ones from Trader Joes or Aldis)

optional: garnish with edible flowers


1.Using a hand blender or whisk, mix all ingredients together, except for the snickerdoodles.

2.Once mixture is light and fluffy pipe into dessert cups using a piping bag and star tip.

3. Garnish with half a snickerdoodle.

4. Keep chilled until serving

to your health, xxx

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