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FREE Shavuot Recipe Book

Shavuot is my favorite holiday, hands-down! I mean, what’s there not to like? Only yummy and delicious dairy dishes to enjoy, an excuse to make some of my favorite cheesecakes, ice creams and blintzes! Plus it gives me a chance to go crazy buying tons of my favorite flowers, without feeling like it’s “too much” and I can pretend that I know what I’m doing when it comes to floral arrangements. Oh, and don’t forget, there is no pressure to clean my house, build anything or to fast for 24 hours! So, off course it’s my fav!

The thing is, I would always end Shavuot feeling so heavy, bloated and drained that I literally couldn’t get myself “moving” for days afterwards. Being that it usually falls out just when the weather starts to get warm, it would make me feel even heavier and uncomfortable in my clothes and in my skin. I hated to admit that the holiday that I loved the most, left me feeling the worst when it was over. That’s when I realized I needed to give my menu an “overhaul”. I could still enjoy the delicious foods but with a lightened up version.

That is why I created this recipe book filled with delicious dishes from refreshing chilled fruit soup, appetizers, to salads and desserts. For those of you who still want to enjoy and not suffer from the after effects. You can download the entire 20+ page recipe book here. Let me know what you try and how you enjoy the recipes. I love to hear from you!!

If you really want to learn how to eat right for YOUR body, to lose that extra weight, feel energized and excited to wake up and get dressed every morning, you WANT to look at the YOUR WAY IN 90 DAYS course.

As always, to your health,


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