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Breakfast Mango Pops


So, the one thing my family has a serious addiction to Frozen mango, dried mango, fresh mango any kind of mango, we love it all. For breakfast, lunch or dinner and anytime in between. Like for reelz. It's a serious problem. I've been known to empty out entire freezer sections at the grocery store of frozen mango, need to make emergency stops on road trips to Trader Joes to restock on dried mango and I am a bit afraid to publicly admit it but here goes...I have even taken to occasionally hiding out in my garage so I could enjoy my favorite mango in piece and quite, all to myself.  (I know... but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do...)

And if heaven forbid I eat the last mango all hell breaks loose in my house. (ha ha... Check it out here to see what I mean ;) ) We've even tried to plant a mango tree in our backyard but the fact that we can't even keep a cactus alive + our crazy St. Louis weather didn't really help our efforts too much. You know I am not a big believer in diets, but if there was a mango diet you can bet that I would be the first to hop on board.

Plus, I believe that maybe just maybe MANGO is the reason why I have SIX boys!!! ha ha I am "blaming" it all on the mango (and forever grateful)! So, mango is a great alkaline food. Foods like meat, sugar and processed foods cause your body to produce acid, which is bad for you. (it can lead to cancer etc) Eating foods that create more alkaline in your body helps to balance out the acid in your body and protects against conditions that occur in acidic environments + it also help shed pounds. NOW... did you know that male sperm does better in an alkaline environment. In other words... I have come to the assumption that if you have a boy it means that your body is more alkaline... in other words... eating all that mango just might be the reason that I have 6 boys and no girls!?!? And nope, I'm not ready to give up my mango! ;)

So, now that you know that we're officially obsessed with mango ;)  I thought I'd share one of our favorite mango recipes. BREAKFAST MANGO POPS. They are (of course) super easy to make, super healthy with lots of protein and a great grab and go breakfast or for a snack, or an afternoon treat, especially in the warmer weather. It is a perfect Passover breakfast to change things up a bit and a some variety to all the matzah and eggs and eggs and potatoes and potatoes and matzah. :)

to lots and lots of mango eating (and sharing!),  xxx


PS. Are you a mango lover too?! Join the Busy and Healthy Moms FB group so all us mango lovers can UNITE!


Breakfast Mango Pops

Ingredients 3 cups mangos peeled and cut into cubes (or you can use frozen mango)

24 ounces greek yogurt, plain

1 Tbspn honey or sugar, optional

Instructions 1. Prepare 6 freezer proof cups. (I like to use hot cups for this so that I can simply peel away the cup once it is frozen) 2. Pour the mango (except 1/2 a cup) and yogurt (except 1/3 of a cup) into a blender. Blend well. 3. Add sweetener of choice. Blend again. 4. Once mixture is smooth add the remaining mango with a spoon. 5. Pour 2 Tbspns of yogurt into each cup. Then add the mango mixture. 6. Place a popsicle stick (or I like to use a plastic spoon so that it can then be used to eat the pop, once it starts melting, if it lasts that long...) 7. Place in freezer for at least 6 hours.

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