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Back to School Lunch Ideas

Every summer goes by so quickly,  which is why it is important to make it enjoyable and rejuvenating, yet productive. It always seems like we blink our eyes and it is time for the kids to go back to school.

I can honestly say that this summer I had the perfect balance of work, setting and reaching goals, taking time to chill, relax and take things a bit slower (even on work days) and of course I got to enjoy some much needed total vacay time. And while I wish summer would last forever I know it’s going to be back to the school year “grind” of rushing, routines, schedules, activities and having to be super organized faster than we can think.

For some reason making lunches every evening is that “chore” that I dread. Having an easy menu hanging in my kitchen cabinet makes it so much easier for me to make lunches 1-2-3 and not have to dread doing them the entire evening.

Having a handy list provides variety while offering some consistency for my kids. I always choose the main meal and have it planned out in advanced. Then I let my kids choose one fruit, one vegetable, three snacks and one treat. My kids are getting to that stage that they want to choose what they wear, what they eat etc. This list allows us both to have a little bit of input. It also ensures a balanced meal with plenty of options so I know they wont go hungry. For good measure, each day I always pack a fruit leather, raisins and applesauce.

Each lunch consists of:

// One Main (ideas below)

// One fresh Fruit (apples, oranges, berries, grapes, nectarine, peaches, plums)

// One Veggie (cherry tomatoes, cuc slices, mini peppers, pickles, carrots, olive packs)

// 1 Snack (ideas below)

// 1 treat (ideas below)

// 1 fruit leather + 1 box of raisins + 1 fruit pouch ( I always send these as back ups, just in case they need a little something extra)

I print the following list of go-to main lunch ideas and tape it to the inside of one of my kitchen cabinets for quick reference:


Monday: Grilled Cheese 

Tuesday: Lox + crackers

Wednesday: Tuna with Pickles

Thursday: Hard boiled egg with mini peppers stuffed with chummus 

Friday: Pizza or waffles


Monday:  Mary Crackers + cheese cubes 

Tuesday: Yogurt (dairy free) with nut-free granola 

Wednesday: Omelet

Thursday: Sunbutter + raspberry preserve rollups 

Friday: Pizza or waffles


Monday : Cheese Quesadillas 

Tuesday: Zucchini Muffins with apples + sunbutter 

Wednesday: Fish Sticks or Veggie Burger 

Thursday: Pasta

Friday: Pizza or waffles

Here is my list of lunch snacks that I purchase on Amazon. 

// bag of chips or popcorn click here

 // apple chips click here

// Mary gone crackers click here 

Here is my list of treat snacks that I purchase on Amazon. 

*dried mango click here .  

*dried chocolate click here

*chickpea brownie click here

*Annie’s fruit roll click here

*Seed & Fruit Mix click here

Nature’s Berry Fig Berry click here

*Enjoy Life Chew Bars click here 

Organic Chocolate Mint Pattie click here

*allergy safe

With the new school year starting, it’s a great time to introduce and/or re-enforce healthy eating habits for your kids. It not only is good for them to learn these habits now, for the long run, but it will help them be more successful in school as well!

To make things even easier you can use little storage bins/bucket to keep in your refrigerator and pantry. Precut and bag your veggies ahead of time. Take snacks and treats out of their boxes to make it easier to grab and go. When it is lunch packing time, you can have your kids help by picking one from each bin or bucket and adding it to their lunch bag.

What ideas do you have when it comes to school lunches? Please share with us over at the Busy and Healthy Moms FB group!

to your health,


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