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3 things that will help you achieve your goals.


1. Aim High. Set slow goals. Reflect. Celebrate. Keep moving forward.

It’s important to set the end bar high - but make sure that the goals along the way are realistic. That is the key to your success and keeping your motivation. If your goals are too high and unrealistic, you are more likely to become discouraged through the process and most likely giving up.

Although the goals along the way may seem small, take time to reflect and acknowledge your successes. Focusing on what you’ve already accomplished motivates and encourages you to keep going instead of getting discouraged by what you haven’t yet accomplished. Stop, reflect, acknowledge and celebrate. It will help you get there!!

📷2. Know your why.

For many people, simply getting clear on a goal is not enough motivation to stay consistent and committed. Along with setting your goal, get super clear as to why you want to accomplish that goal. Having that deeper reason pushing and motivating you will help you stay consistent. I recommend writing it down, keeping it in your wallet, as a screensaver on your computer or phone or writing it on your bathroom mirror. The consistent reminder of your why helps you stay consistent with your goals.

📷3. Create accountability: Engage a buddy/ Seek out a mentor / hire a coach.

Accountability sets expectations and ensures that you “own” your goals. Being accountable to yourself can work for some people, but for many it’s not enough. If you want to achieve your goals, make yourself accountable to other people. Not only will your friends and family hold you accountable, they can also offer the much-needed support to help you get over the hurdles.

Accountability also allows someone else to remind you of and celebrate your your accomplishments.

Here are some ways that you can create accountability for yourself:

// Enlist a spouse or a friend to keep you accountable.

// Hire a personal trainer.

// Get together with a friend to weekly meal prep.

// Order prepared healthy meals. is a great option!! :)

// Work with a coach. Yup, that’s me! I am an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I work with many busy women. One of the (many) ways that I am able to help them reach their goals is by holding them accountable and celebrating their successes. More info on how you can work with me here.


xxx - to your health!


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