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3 Simple Things That Will Help You Lose Weight

Everyone is always looking for that quick fix, that diet that will make you look skinny almost overnight. I've got THE answer for you!!

It’s simple. And I'll let you in on a little secret. You don’t need anything extreme. You don’t need to force yourself to chug any horrible tasting shakes, starve yourself on a juice cleanse or deprive yourself by eliminating entire food groups from your diet. (You and I both know that none of those feel good while we're doing them and eventually the weight comes back.) If you have struggled in the past committing to a diet, don’t worry you don’t have to!

It's all about getting yourself in the habit of doing small steps (consistently) for your health that you can do no matter where you are in life, no matter how busy or tired you are, things that are easy and don't require you to rely on anyone or anything besides YOURSELF and of course, that includes eating foods that taste delicious, too.

So, what are those habits and how do you create them? You create healthy habits by focusing on what you can increase and have more of in your life instead of restricting yourself, because I mean who really enjoys feeling deprived?! More often than not diets focus on what not to do and what not to eat. And that's where people fail. Instead, focus on little steps that you CAN do.

So here you have it:

These are the 3 most effective steps to take to build healthy habits that will maximize and boost your weight-loss. You can do them anywhere, anytime without needing much :)

📷DRINK MORE WATER. If you only drink one cup of water a day, try drinking two etc. Water plays many roles in the function of the human body. Water boosts your metabolism and helps cleanse your body by flushing out waste. My favorite water bottle is this one and I'm not sure what it is, but it makes drinking water so much easier.


EAT MORE GREENS. It is amazing what eating a salad can do for you both physically and mentally! We are all guilty of skipping our greens but green vegetables have so many health benefits! My favorite benefit of greens is that they are naturally low in fat and calories. Greens are also full of fiber and keep you fuller, longer which means you eat less in the long run (No worries, you don't have to start shopping, chopping and prepping. I’ve got ya covered  with a salad delivery straight to your door with OR, if you’re not in St. Louis. Make your healthy life EASY and something that you can stick to doing)

📷MOVE MORE. How can you add more movement into your day? Don’t think about an hour workout in the gym that involves driving, showering, changing clothes etc. If you dread the idea of working out find an activity that you enjoy such as swimming, tennis, or a nature hike with the family. How about parking farther from the entrance in the parking lot? Take the stairs instead of the elevator or throw in some jumping jacks while making dinner or how about joining our monthly exercise challenges in the FB group Busy and Healthy Moms?

Are you ready to look and feel great by starting to add these simple steps into your life? Keep me posted on your journey! I want to hear from you!



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